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    Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall

    Travelling alone can be a daunting thought. I had always travelled with others, from an early age with family then in the armed forces in large groups. Upon leaving the armed forces I knew I needed some time time on my own and wanted to get away. I though about just going somewhere I had previously been before but decide to go all out. Cuba, the anxiety I had before travelling was off the scale, questioning myself if I had made a stupid mistake, even on the flight which was around 14 hours all I was thinking to myself was what have I done. That all changed when I was on the way to the hotel, embracing the new freedom I had, the new surroundings I found and a tranquil setting which put that smile back on my face. Sometimes, even as hard as it is, a big decision we make in the past sets up our future and that decision I made to go travelling alone, even as hard as it was with all the anxiety was the best decision I ever made. I still have days where I feel trapped but having that one experience, that one time I just went for it reminds me that I can do the impossible and although anxiety can last lifelong, knowing that I can live alongside it and still enjoy travel makes a huge impact on living a good life.

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    You´re so right! Travelling helped me so much dealing with depressions… Just for a brief moment you can forget about all the things that make you sad because there are new exciting things to experience around every corner. When I decided to leave for a bit, of course I was scared and unsure about the trip. How will it be? Will I be able to deal with all the new? Will I enjoy it? Will my illness stop me from enjoying it? SO many questions were bouncing around in my head before I´ve left.
    As soon as I got there, most of the questions I was asking and wondering about, I barly even remembered anymore.
    There was so much to see and to do that this excitment totally took over my thoughts! And it kept me from thinking about the usual.
    I heard stories of people that hated! travelling with a mental health disorder. In my case, I can only recommend going on a trip. Maybe you have to find out for yourself!

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