About Health-and-travel.com

Vision Statement 

You need to talk to someone whether mental health issues and travelling go together? Are you already on the road and ran into difficulties dealing with specific things? Have you overcome fears and want to share your secret with others? Then please open a conversation about a topic many people refuse to talk about.
Travelling with a mental health disorder or travelling with the ballast of particular incidents of the past is very common and not at all impossible. You´ll meet all different kinds of people all over the planet fighting every day to maintain a life they feel comfortable living. This forum was meant to be a place where people can exchange stories, help and support each other during various situations.
A safe space, where you can openly talk about your feelings, fears or resolutions.
As travelling is something many people desire, it might be not right for everyone. This is why gaining knowledge about similar people in similar situations might help to put things in perspective. Honesty about yourself ( also anonymously ) is the key to build a trusted, supportive community. Just open a conversation and see what happens – people are amazing!

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