Silent nights
December 13, 2017
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You are not alone

“Sometimes in our life
We all have pains
We all have sorrows
But, if we are wise
We’ll know that there’s always tomorrow”.
If not that my MacBook Pro is quite expensive and I don’t think it is water-resistant, I will totally shed tears as I type this. I first heard this song on the radio during one of my bouts of mental illness. It was as though Bill was speaking to my soul. I tried to resist the urge, but I knew it was a lost battle.
Even if I had the most expensive Apple product in front of me then, I still would’ve cried out my eyes. Sometimes, catharsis is all you need sis (applies to bros too, but bro didn’t rhyme).
Many times, in a bid to avoid seeking help, we deceive ourselves and claim we are strong enough. It actually takes a lot of strength to acknowledge your weakness. ASKING FOR HELP IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS AT ALL.
Hearing Bill Whither’s song that night was the beginning of a new dawn in my life. I had the most helpful conversation with my sister that night, and I’m thankful I did. I explained how I was feeling. I shared my thoughts on several issues and problems I had encountered. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we cried, and laughed again. After that day, I felt inner peace. Whenever I have suicidal thoughts, I just reflect on that night, and how special I felt. I realize that I have an agenda to live for, and I AM NOT BETTER OFF DEAD.
Sadly, not everyone has a sister like mine. I often think of the number of suicides which could’ve been stopped if only they heard Bill’s song. I just want to tell you “that you are not alone. I am here with you. Though you are far away. I am here to stay.”

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