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Strangers support and benefit to health

`Stranger´s support`

Strangers are the new individuals that we meet in our daily lives. These individuals can either positively or negatively impact the health of a person depending on how they interact. A positive interaction benefits the health the health of both individuals. Provision of support from individuals with prior similar experience, the use of comforting words and intervention from new cultures and values of strange cultures can benefit the health of a person in different ways (Hupcey, & Zimmerman, 2000).

Interaction with people of like-minded ideas, tastes, opinions, and thoughts can improve the mental well-being of the individuals. These interactions provide the necessary emotional support and development needed for the mental stability of a person. The individuals can share information, make necessary adjustments and correct self to enable improvement in their health status. The interactions can also reduce isolation which may be associated with depression or other mental disorders (John, 2002). The time that an individual could have spent negatively either abusing drugs or involving self in a crime will be diverted to an engagement that can positively impact the health of the individuals.

`the right stranger`

Experience is essential in basically all fields. An interaction with an individual who possesses prior knowledge and experience on a given health condition can assist in several areas in the recovery and well-being of an individual. The experienced individual, stranger, can provide needed guidelines on the preventive, curative and management of a mental condition that facilitates recovery and enhances the well-being of the affected individual (Schwartz et al., 2009). An experienced person can also act as a role model to the affected individual; while acting as a role model, an individual shares the experience, provide advice and assist in encouraging the affected person towards the recovery stage.

`act of support`

The use of comforting words and development of a positive bond help to facilitate the recovery process in a mentally-ill patient and in other health problems. With the appropriate selection of terms, an appropriate and positive bonds develop; the positive bond helps an individual to gain trust in the stranger making them interact freely without any fear of the unknown (Schwartz et al., 2009).

The use of these comforting words in an interaction also enables not only the development of positive bonds but also the feeling of being respected and valued in the society. The feeling of being valued improves the individual’s dignity, boosting their self-esteem and facilitating their recovery. Boosting of self-esteem is essential in the recovery process in a patient suffering from depression and stress disorders. The feeling of being valued and respected can, therefore, facilitate the recovery of such patients. Also, the use of comforting words is essential in the counseling process, such words make the affected individual develop the feeling of value and enable opening up during counseling. The more an individual opens up during a counseling process, the better as the individual is able to reveal more information concerning their health status (Schwartz et al., 2009).

Community values including the culture of a given community affect the health status of a person in several ways. Different communities have different believes regarding health with each community having a different view on health and illnesses.  Different cultures have a different belief about the cause of a disease, an encounter with a more developed culture; provide essential ideas and knowledge that can promote the health of an individual (John, 2002). In some cultures, mental disorder such as depression are stigmatized and any attempt to seek medication is viewed as being lazy, when these individuals interact with other cultures which identify conditions such as depression as a disorder, they have a higher chance of embracing the new culture which identifies such conditions as a disease; this will facilitate the health-seeking behavior among the individuals suffering from such conditions.

`interaction is key`

An interaction between two individuals is very essential in all perspective of life. These interactions facilitate the recovery process of mentally ill patients, providing them with useful information that they can use to evaluate their health status. An interaction between individuals with like-minded ideas and similar perception of issues facilitate sharing and comparing of information that may be essential to health. The support received from individuals with a past experience is also essential as they act like role model to the currently affected persons, through this, they are able to relate their conditions and make necessary adjustments towards the well-being of the affected individual. Other support system such as; formation of a close bond and relationship while making use of comforting words facilitate the feeling of belonging, respect and raises an individual’s dignity. A non-biased interaction between individuals, whether strangers or familiar persons, should, therefore, be encouraged as a way of learning new ideas and improving the knowledge of the parties involved.

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